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Niomi - The Write Invite

About Niomi



What makes The Write Invite so unique is its evolution from a hobby to a successful business. 15 years ago, Niomi started designing invitations for her children's parties and for her friend's events. She had a unique talent of creating fresh and unique designs. Invitations went out to the public, and by word of mouth her business began to bloom. Since the very beginning she has continued to produce novel products that continuously delight her customers. This was the start of The Write Invite and the invitation boom in Toronto and Thornhill. However, Niomi's reputation doesn't stop there; it has grown beyond the city of Toronto, providing invitations for customers across Canada and the United States. 


Over the years, Niomi has acquired a great deal of knowledge in paper types, stylish fonts, and of course the many printing techniques. Attending printing shows, and meeting with paper dealers worldwide, she has acquire cutting edge knowledge in the invitation business, and has deservedly earned the title of Toronto's "Invitation Lady". 


Niomi goes above the call of duty and truly wants to make your design unique. You can always count on her to do her research and discover something new that is constantly altering today's invitation trends. She looks forward to sitting down with you in person and create that invitation you are going to love!

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